I know engineers that scoff at windmills being hard. They view it as just an engineering problem. Certainly. It is, but engineering problems cost money, and the compromises required to put industrial power production on the top of towers is just never going to compete with other practical ways to produce power. Never. Put a stop to the bird choppers. Mostly, just don’t give them tax money! End all subsidies for every form of “green” and fine them for the damage they do, just like everyone else.


siemens-turbines Not bearing up to the strain …

German fan maker, Siemens has been running a huge propaganda campaign in South Australia over the last couple of weeks, surrounding the opening of the extension of the Snowtown wind farm – wheeling in Australia’s 2011 Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans as their pet-pedal-powered mascot.

And its highly paid wind farm ambassador, Tim Flannery – Australia’s world-renowned (but self-appointed) long-range weather forecaster – has been on the front foot in the press in recent weeks screaming about imminent “global incineration”. Tim’s “solution”? Why more giant (Siemens) fans, of course!

Not that he makes much noise about it, but Tim sits on Siemen’s Sustainability Advisory Board and – true to the title – has been working flat-out to “sustain” Siemen’s ability to flog its fans in Australia – with a mix of hysterical hectoring and overweening political pressure – all built around…

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