The Pointman, across the Atlantic, knows US politics better than we do.


The mid-term elections in America are over and the big winner is the Republican party who’ve taken control of both houses of congress. There are a number of conclusions to be drawn from the results.

The big one is that once you get past the media’s continuing love affair with the concept of a Barack Obama, the majority of Americans are deeply disillusioned with him. The perception and the reality is that he and his administration don’t actually do anything. They’re like rabbits paralysed in the headlights of whatever crisis is currently bearing down on them.

In the absence of any type of New Deal policy to get people back to work, the economy is still scraping along not far above the bottom and places like Detroit, which used to be the pounding heart of manufacturing America, are imploding down to fractions of their former populations. If you’re a working man and just…

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