A friend posted on Facebook about OpenWorm. Cool. It is not a new concept, but apparently we are finally doing it. Start a model at the most basic level, and work up.


And look at this (don’t freak out):


Not a lot there, but it is the source; it’s where you go. It mostly says they are trying to recreate life digitally. That is, we will be able to run life simulations in the computer, and more importantly, we will be able to make robots that are as autonomous as the lifeforms they replicate. Scary, sure, but cool.

Remember, what can be done will be done. Let’s make sure we do it right.

Fundamentally, our models will never be very good until they are built from the base up. So this is a good and necessary start. Further, we will never well model the weather and climate. It is too complex to start at the bottom, too many factors to track and calculate. Even if we had sufficient computational capacity, we just couldn’t replicate the entire system well enough to be better than the approximates we already use, and we need to remember that such models are inadequate and always will be.