Amusing note from Bob Tisdale posted at WattsUpWithThat. Good points, and it includes a compilation of Dr. McCoy: “He’s dead Jim.” Good stuff.
One of the side effects of nonthinking acceptance of the global-warming-alarmism is more irrational and unthinking comments like Australia warming at a rate of 0.9°C per year for the last century. (Of course, the media “fixed” it, and left out Dr. Braganza’s per-year part of the statement as our instant feedback news delivery helped them notice the mistake.)

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

A study in Germany finds senior citizens are responsible for climate change. That’s right; they’re saying it’s all because of your (or you) grannies and gramps. From down under, a BBC editor in Australia believes her country warmed more than 90 deg C (160 deg F) since 1900. And back in Europe, in response to reports that climate change is the biggest global-health threat, there’s a new paper contradicting it. One paper says climate change is the worst thing for our future health and a rebuttal paper say nope, but they’re both science fiction. And then there’s the big goofiness taking place.


Pierre Gosselin of NoTrickZone reports on the news story that appeared in TAZ. (See the Google translation of the TAZ article Are seniors responsible for climate change?) Pierre writes in the opening of his post Germany’s Growing Green Dictatorship: Grandmothers Putting…

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