This isn’t the last word, but well worth consideration. Most of all, the science is NOT settled. Climate studies are infants in science. We know nothing more than saying everything happening now in climate and weather has happened many times before.

Watts Up With That?

climate-past Global temperature reconstruction over the past 420,000 years derived from δ18O anomalies in air trapped in ice strata at Vostok station, Antarctica. To render the anomalies global, the values of the reconstructed anomalies (y axis) have been divided by the customary factor 2 to allow for polar amplification. Diagram based on Petit et al. (1999). Note that all four previous interglacial warm periods, at intervals of 80,000-125,000 years, were at least as warm as the current warm period. Data source: Petit et al. (1999). (not part of the Utah press release, provided for reference)

From the University of Utah

Size, duration were like modern climate shift, but in two pulses

Sediment cores that were drilled from Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin and then sectioned for study are shown at a repository at the University of Bremen, Germany.

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 15, 2014 – The rate at which carbon emissions warmed Earth’s…

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