Perhaps a crossword.

Age of Rocks

For all of you puzzle lovers out there, and in the spirit of holiday giving, I’ve designed a full-sized crossword puzzle using geology themes. It’s the least I can do for those of you frequently visiting and linking to this site in your discussions on the age of rocks! Therefore, this crossword is free to download, share, and distribute, and I encourage you to do so. To complete the puzzle, click here for a PDF version or download the image below. The only downside (I hope!) is that you’ll need to print the puzzle to complete it, as I’m not able to digitize fields with my copy of Acrobat.

Using any one of the main theme clues (26-Across, 34-Across, or 43-Across), you may request an answer key by sending me an e-mail at Feel free to let me know if there are any blunders (or problematic clues), and I encourage you to evaluate the puzzle’s difficulty…

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