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The alleged climate crisis is just one more idiotic prediction about the future.


140 years ago, when George Eliot was writing Middlemarch, that great work described by Virginia Woolf as “one of the few English novels written for grown-up people,” it was obvious that most predictions are a pointless waste of time.

Humans have little idea of what the future holds. Conventional wisdom, prevailing orthodoxies, reigning intellectual fads – all of these prevent us from seeing the world clearly.

In 2008, Canada’s weekly news magazine, Maclean’s, ran an article titled Soaring energy costs are about to change everything. “Should oil hit US$200 [a barrel] in the next few years, the world will be scarcely recognizable,” it warned.

We were told that our lives were about to change “in profound and dramatic ways.” That the “apocalyptic fallout” would turn suburbs into ghost towns, slums, and salvage yards since…

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