I always find Willis’ posts encouraging and enlightening.
This one not only pays tribute to WUWT and Anthony Watts, it points out clearly some of the things I find obvious with regard to climate and the study of it. Mostly, we just don’t know much.
My appreciation to Willis, and as he comments about nature, I too often stand in awe and simply feel grateful.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

It’s a cold clear night here along the north Pacific coast where I live, with a waxing moon surveying the scene. As befits New Years Day, I’ve been thinking about the past and the future … and I always do my best thinking down by the ocean. I live near the coast, and on a clear day, beyond the nearby forest and the far hills you can see a tiny bit of the Pacific from our house.

coastwalk 1

So this morning the gorgeous ex-fiancee and I took a walk along the coast. We’ve finally gotten some rain, and the land between our place and the coast has performed its annual green miracle …

coastwalk 2We drove up the coast to Goat Rock. Whenever I get to the coast, I am always surprised by the stunning immensity of the land and sea scape. The cliffs and the rocks…

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