I noticed an article in American Thinker today. Lengthy, but more than worth the time. It was republished from July 2014. It seems it was carried in multiple other online publications in November.

Danusha V. Goska explains some of what converted her from leftist/progressivist thinking.


I have a lot running through my head to write down, but she says it all well. Not much point in gilding lilies.

It seems rather obvious to me that leftists simply refuse to consider counter arguments, at least beyond formulating rebuttals.

Arguments from the right typically rely on facts and rational, logical argument. Emphasis on results. Arguments from the left start and end with emotionalism, and throw in outrage between. Emphasis on intentions.

It has occurred to me that maybe the Calvinists are right. Maybe God only grants a few of us actual free will and true ability to reason. Perhaps God blinds many into thinking they are the Elect, the Chosen, the Worthy. (Calvinists will object to that last. So be it.)

I don’t accept the notion in the slightest. No, God grants us all free will. (Prevenient grace, God makes able.) God grants us all the mind of Christ if we will meditate there in. God grants us the spirit of power, love, and mental soundness. His perfect love casts out fear, and Jesus promised that anyone who is determined to do God’s will shall know the difference between God’s teaching and man’s. (John 7:17)

Micah stated it best. Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly. (I think I don’t say that enough. I must remind myself continuously.)

Part of it all is we must accept pain, long-suffering, and death as simply part of the good creation. When we accept that life is hard, while remembering every breath is a gift, we tend to lose utopian ideals. Progressivism is seen for the hollow shell of waste that it is. When we understand that the gods of copybook headings with terror and slaughter return, we pay no heed to the dismissiveness of the leftists. We remember that the wages of sin is death, and if you don’t work you die.

So, pull on your grown-up pants, and wrap your mind around the reality that one cannot solve the problem of power with centralized (state) power. Decentralize. Free. Never coerce. Persuade with a life well lived. Free.