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Age of Rocks

The Great Debate

One year ago today, Ken Ham turned heads and shook graves around the world by taking the stage with Bill Nye and attempting to defend a remarkable claim. Millions tuned in to watch the debate and support their respective celebrity voice. Of these, many had long followed the cultural clash fueled by the creation science movement, while others were getting their first taste of just how radical Young-Earth Creationism (YEC) had become. Why? Because according to Ham, the past 150 years of intensive, multidisciplinary and international research have been sorely misguided, as the Earth is, in fact, scarcely more than 6,000 years old, and the theory of evolution is a lie.

Of course, this young-Earth view has been dominant through much of history for the western world, so I need to clarify. Ken Ham doesn’t really think evolution is a lie; he just believes that it happened millions of times faster than ‘evolutionists’ propose. Otherwise, Noah’s ark would…

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