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People who employ the word ‘denier’ in a climate context are silencing normal, healthy debate.

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Ben Pile is one of the most incisive and original thinkers in the climate sphere. His blog posts, at Climate Resistance: Challenging Climate Orthodoxy, are often long, but well worth a careful read. His latest effort examines recent online discussions regarding the use of an ugly epithet:

The word ‘denier’ is in the official climate change lexicon. It is not street slang. It is not shorthand. It is precise. It is deliberate. Its use is intended to service a political agenda.

This political agenda involves giving authority to entities that aren’t democratically accountable:

The institutions of climate change were established outside of the usual processes which steer the construction of public bodies – their rectitude given from the outset, as planet-savers, no need for debate, no need to…

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