It seems to be a human need that we all have to have some sort of belief in a higher thing. Every culture that’s ever been, had some sort of belief system. I think it’s an unavoidable side effect of our unique consciousness. The people I’ve met, who ended up believing in absolutely nothing, were nearly always hell-bent on some sort of suicidal course, and they always succeeded in the end or found something to live for.

We all go through life and at some point, we all see some stuff. Sometimes, it’s so bad, or it’s just that last final straw; there’s just nothing to be said. Grim, grey and merciless days when nothing will get you through, except turning your face away from the suffering of others. Sometimes, you’ve got to do some hard things yourself, because you want to survive. We’re all human and want to live.

We all lose our way…

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