There isn’t much to add. Do we have any answers?
I say the reasons westerners have some many problems is we have no real problems.
Let’s resolve to speak out. We must speak out against hate and violence, but even worse is indifference.
We must stand up, speak out, and do more than give another grant to some researcher riding the gravy train of trying to save the earth.


I posed some simple questions a number of articles back and I’d like to begin this piece by asking them again, because they’re fundamental.

Don’t they know how many of our own poor can no longer afford to heat their homes? Don’t they know how many millions die in the developing world from malaria because we won’t allow them access to DDT? Don’t they know that a million children a year die or are simply blinded for life by withholding the distribution golden rice? Don’t they know how many lives could be saved by supplying the poor with drought and disease resistant GM seeds? Don’t they know that switching from growing food staples to growing biofuel crops for cars only the rich can afford has more than doubled prices of basic foods? Don’t they know about the people killed in the food riots? Do they actually know anything? Do they care anyway?


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