Parents, let’s speak out against the “test and punish” system we now have.


Peg with a Pen is a phenomenal education blogger who has decided to keep a public roll call of teachers who have publicly committed to refuse to administer the inappropriate high-stakes standardized tests that currently run amuck in this country. Two of our courageous Oklahoma teachers are listed there, and I am very proud of them.

As a classroom teacher in Texas in the 1990s, I was there when the large scale high-stakes testing began in earnest. As teachers, for the most part, we were somewhat baffled, but being the generally compliant types that we are, we grumbled a bit and spent a few hours trying to prepare our students for those once-a-year tests. Back then the only ones that made a real difference in terms of student impact were the ones that students took in their senior year. I remember specifically that the daughter of a dear friend of…

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