“Munich Re: The investigation of Roger Pielke, Jr. brings up the incorrect scientific pretentions of this Administration. There is no evidence of increasing losses occurring from more intense weather events, as correctly reported by Pielke. The largest and second-largest reinsurance companies in the world, Munich Re and Swiss Re, reported that 2014 was benign for losses from natural disasters and overall losses are declining. The largest single owner of Munich Re stock is Berkshire Hathaway, which is controlled by Warren Buffett. Buffett is thought to be a supporter of this Administration.

Is the next move for John Holdren to call Warren Buffet, demanding that he inflate the losses of Munich Re to conform with Holdren’s climate beliefs? See TWTW Feb 7, 2015 & Dec 20, 2014”

Watts Up With That?

The Week That Was: 2015-02-28 (February 28, 2015) Brought to You by SEPP (www.SEPP.org) The Science and Environmental Policy Project


By Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

Politicized Science: This week members of Congress removed any doubt that Climate Science has become highly politicized, virtually ignoring that scientific knowledge is based on empirical evidence, not based on what some scientists claim they think they know. The once respected New York Times (NYT), had an article criticizing Wei-Hock Soon (Willie Soon) for failing to disclose in publications that the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics received some $1.2 million from fossil fuel sources to support the work of Soon, including the utility company, Southern Company. The Center also received some of this money from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, which is now a favorite target of environmental groups. The article stated that the documents were…

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