First remember that there is nothing happening today that hasn’t already happened many times before. There is simply no evidence that anything related to the overall earth climate is changing any differently than it always has.

Second, do the math. Mr. Brozek does the basics for us here, and he makes it clear. Get the facts. Do the math. There is no denying that humans just cannot control the weather.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Werner Brozek, Edited by Just The Facts:

The comment referred to in the title is the following by Kevin Trenberth regarding heat in the deep oceans:

“The centre of action is the Pacific Ocean but the main places where heat goes deep into the ocean are the Atlantic and Southern Oceans rather than the Pacific,”

The following equation demonstrates how the temperature change of an object relates to the number of joules applied to the object versus the mass and specific heat capacity of the object. The equation is H = mcdt where H is the energy in joules; m is the mass in kilograms; c is the specific heat capacity in joules/(kilogram x C); and dt is the change in temperature in C.

Assume we have a 4.0 kilogram shot put made of iron and a 4.0 gram marble made of the same iron, illustrated…

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