For Christians above all men are forbidden to correct the stumblings of sinners by force … it is necessary to make a man better not by force but by persuasion. We neither have authority granted us by law to restrain sinners, nor, if it were, should we know how to use it, since God gives the crown to those who are kept from evil, not by force, but by choice.

Six Books on the Priesthood  |

I suppose that a good translation. I have doubts about persuasion. It is, for the most part, an illusion.

We must live the best we can. We must set the best example we can. We must argue as reasonably as we can. Only God, however, can change a heart; even only God can change a mind.

Keep both open to God and continuously change for the better.

“For it is not possible for anyone to cure a man by compulsion against his will.”