Hear, Hear!

I happened upon the subject article via some secondhand link reference, and I happened to have a young man reading over my shoulder as I was assaulted by the author of the article. This young man is sharp, but no more mature than would be expected of his years. While he is science-and-technology oriented, his focus is music.

He seems to accept the consensus view regarding warming alarm, but I believe I’ve made some progress, at least planted seeds of learning and healthy scepticism.

While reading, only so much is available on the screen, so we had to read together, and I couldn’t help but point out problematic statements in the articles, and correct its falsities. I even pulled up a link or two to show this bright lad backing for my assertions.

Anyway, it was quite frustrating, and I had not the time to follow up, and never got back to it. Thanks to Michel de Rougemont and Anthony for posting this note pointing out how atrocious the National Geographic article was.

Sadly, the general argument of the alarmist believers is the same general argument I’ve been standing against with young-earth-creationists for nearly four decades. It does get old, but it never slows down.

In two decades hence, while most people will not even remember what global warming meant, the true-believer alarmist will still be going strong. It is the nature of religious fundamentalism.

Watts Up With That?

An a-scientific paper, poor contribution of NGS to the enlightenment of its members.

Story submitted by Michel de Rougemont

I just finished reading the article « The age of disbelief » in the March edition of the National Geographic.

It is one of the most a-scientific articles about science that I ever could read.

Joel Achenbach, the author, pretends that sceptics have no place in the scientific debates because of their incompetence, their prejudices, their doubts in science, and, last but not least, their alienation to powerful lobbies, as for example the fossil fuel industry in climate matters.

First he makes a nice amalgam between deniers, as for example opponents to vaccine or flat earth believers, and sceptics. He may not have ever tried to learn what a sceptic is looking for, what are the motives of not being satisfied with generally accepted beliefs.

Then he looks for an authority…

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