In other words, it is impossible for the United States to do anything about it no matter how hard we try, no matter the politics, no matter the science. The fact is all of humanity will continue to burn everything that will burn until they all have ready access to inexpensive (for them) electricity for all their needs. (And the electric power must come from nuclear, or we are still burning fuel to make the electricity.)

Simple. Nuclear or burn. Global warming or not.

Watts Up With That?

Ed Hoskins submits this essay

In November 2014, to much fanfare, President Obama concluded an agreement with China on Climate. This was as a precursor to the major Paris climate conference in December 2015, where it is anticipated that a definitive and binding Climate agreement should be reached.  These notes follow through that 2014 agreement as far as it concerns future likely CO2 emissions up until the year 2030.

Essentially the agreement said that whilst Western Nations would be expected to reduce CO2 emissions substantially, China, India and the rest of the developing world would continue its CO2 emissions growth until at least 2030 to ensure that continuing enhancement of the living standards of their populations, and that only then China would limit further growth of its CO2 emissions.

The Obama – China agreement on climate will do nothing to stop the  escalation of CO2 emissions from the developing world…

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