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Watts Up With That?

Unique Sierra Wave cloud sighted over Reno, NV

From my friend Mike Alger at KTVN-TV Reno, who writes:

I’ve been on the air doing weather for KTVN-TV for over a quarter of a century, as you might expect (and to channel Anthony), people send me things. Especially pictures of the clouds. And some of them are quite good. But the one Jeff Houk sent me Sunday morning might be the coolest ever. I’ve seen some very nice Standing Lenticular clouds (we call them Sierra Wave clouds locally) before, and the colors make this one pretty spectacular in its own right. But that perfectly carved out hole in its middle was something that I’ve never seen before.


Full sized: https://wxmanreno.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/spaceship-lenticular.jpg

I thought it might be fun for WUWT readers to give their own theories on what is causing it. I have a pretty good idea, and so as to not give…

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