Restricting my comments only to the US Census Bureau and its impositions, I encourage everyone to refuse anything from the USCB that is not obviously required by law.

Look for the word “voluntary” in any notice or form or survey you receive, and point that out to any nosy busybody who comes calling.

Contact your Representative and Senators. Demand the dissolution of the USCB.

A quick double-check of something on Google brought up this tidbit as a suggestion.

A tidbit that clearly shows the frivolous waste of tax dollars that the USCB is. It is worthless and harmful in all regards. End it.

Not to mention boondoggles like this:


An Open Letter Regarding the Census Bureau:

Greetings, my Honorable Federal Legislative Representative,

In the past, the US Census Bureau has contacted us for voluntary participation in surveys. We have found these surveys to be intrusive and demeaning and therefore refused, as is our legal right.

The USCB refuses to take “no” for an answer.

We have another letter from the USCB. Though it clearly states it is voluntary, with no penalties, I know from experience we will receive multiple calls and multiple visits. NO! No more. I expect the USCB to respect the privacy of my family.

I expect the representatives of the USCB to respect our rights and privacy and leave us alone.

They quote laws, regulations, etc., about their authority. I see it as an attempt at intimidation, coercion, and strong-arm compulsion. It is not assurance of their legitimacy. You, my legislative representative, have passed these imposing laws. You need to repeal them and rid our county of the blight of the USCB. I know our Constitution requires an enumeration, but there is no justification for a standing Federal agency to accomplish a simple count of us on a decadal basis. It is your Constitutional duty to ensure the Federal bureaucracy does not overstep its bounds. Nearly all aspects of our Federal bureaucracy are so far out-of-bounds it is hard to tell we live in any sort of democracy or republic. We live in an oligarchy. It is your sworn obligation to rein in the mess. Start with the low hanging fruit such as the USCB. Eliminate it. Also start with specific laws reining in the EPA.

The multiplied aspects of Federal overreach, especially in regulations and bureaucratic impositions and requirements, are killing us. Federal regulation is the gravest threat to our country today. You, my honored representative, are our only natural hope. We hope in God, but God allows us to be as stupid as we will. You can be part of the problem, or you can help push back.

The efforts of the US Census Bureau are illegitimate, wasteful, and harmful, even if legal. The efforts of the USCB should not be legal. I hold you, my Federal legislative representative, responsible for that. Please make every effort to rid the USA of the US Census Bureau.