Freeman Dyson has proven to matter.

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The climate scare rests on predictions produced by mathematical modeling. One of the world’s finest scientific minds says prediction isn’t what those models do – and that the climate conversation is ignoring important facts.

In an era of Facebook and Twitter, we are as likely to hear about events from acquaintances, relatives, and colleagues as from the news media directly. That’s what happened yesterday. Soon after a 20-minute video interview with legendary physicist Freeman Dyson was posted on the Vancouver Sun website, I saw a reference to it in my Facebook feed. Then fellow Canadian blogger Hilary Ostrovtweeted about it and a post went up at the UK Bishop Hill blog. American blogger Tom Nelson posted transcriptions of many of Dyson’s remarks, and the video got mentioned over at  WattsUpWithThat. Word-of-mouth is amazing and powerful in the digital age.

The video in question is a project of

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