A couple of songs came to my mind:
Steve Taylor, Smug


And Petra’s Hollow Eyes


We Westerners have so many problems because we have no real problems.


poverty_2226036b (1) These boys get to ‘observe’ Earth Hour, 24 x 365,
and it’ll stay that way if “greens” get the chance.


The so-called “Greens”, that have sought to overtake and destroy sensible energy policy around the Globe, are not just delusional, they’re dangerous.

Part of their perverse, human-hating ideology centres around demonizing electricity; and the only meaningful generation sources capable of providing it; ie, coal, gas, nuclear and hydro – yes, hydro – even though it’s safe as houses and doesn’t produce CO2 emissions, they hate that too, as part of their ‘NO DAMS‘ mantra.

Much of what they “stand” for can be reduced to infantile symbolism – a ‘quasi-religious-fanaticism’: the mindless worship of “eco-crucifixes” as James Delingpole calls them, is only one of the more obvious examples.

hepburn Hepburn Wind Worshippers at the altar:
Let us give our thanks and praise (along with a non-refundable contribution – although…

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