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Some articles you owe, they’re a debt you have the need to repay and this is one of them. April, as TS Eliot wrote, is the cruellest month and I’d agree, if only because it contains the anniversary of my father’s death. This April, I will finally settle that debt and walk away. One way or another, I will do him justice or crash and burn on this last and final attempt. So, chin up Pointy, let’s give it a good old go. Forge on ahead and damn the torpedoes.

One of my sisters, a brother and their still beloved paramours stayed over for the weekend. We ate some leisurely grazing type of meals and discussed anything and everything around the communal table as we speared various roasted things out of a big earthenware dish set in the middle of it. I’d forgotten how well they could argue the hind legs off a charging elephant – any fool…

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