Let’s face it, nobody likes lawyers. We all have our favourite jokes about them; my personal favourite being do you know what the difference is between a mosquito and a lawyer? One is a blood-sucking parasite and the other is an insect. Har, har but of course there’s an element of truth there. However, a good one can be a gladiator for you, and that’s whether you’re guilty or innocent, and of course we’re all innocent anyway.

You spend the best part of four decades teaching law at Harvard to the best and brightest. It’s all roughly modelled on English common law but the real bedrock of American law is the constitution. Everything else is mere skirmishes over that tectonic plate. Battles are won or lost on it but if we ever lose that plate, we’re all truly lost.

We have a president who’s actually done nothing much and if you look over the…

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