I posted the following on Facebook in response to an article. It seems appropriate to record it here.

For me and my wife, we faced the question of prenatal testing a couple of times with our children. With our first, we were pregnant at the same time as a friend-couple. They were having some difficulties, and the doctor recommended some testing for them. The tests included information on Downs and a couple other genetic factors. “All was well,” per the tests. My buddy suggested we test also. I asked why, stating it wouldn’t matter to us. We resolved to the outcome when we chose to become pregnant. It was that simple. God had blessed us with a new member of our family. Boy, girl, perfect, or flawed, just didn’t matter. Not at all. We were pregnant, come what may, and it was a blessing. We had a child who didn’t make it past the first few weeks of gestation. With that exception, all of our children have proven “normal,” even beautiful and bright. We are extraordinarily blessed. The thing is, I cannot imagine feeling differently with different results. Sure, there would be pain associated with difficulties, defects, chronic disease, and death, but I’d be no less blessed. (You cannot tell it, but I’ve teared up at the moment.) I’ve known several people with Downs. They have all been, even are, blessings to know.

I find it a sad statistic that 90% of women who are given test results that their unborn child has Downs abort. (That is what the aforementioned article was about.)