From Oklahoma’s Education Standards Committee:

Mathematics Standards Writing Committee asking for help with online survey

The Mathematics Standards Writing Committee membership is being finalized.The first Writing Team meetings will occur May 1 and May 2, 2015 in Norman, Oklahoma. We are excited to begin this important work toward higher standards for mathematics in Oklahoma, and we would like to personally invite all teachers, administrators, parents, and community members to consider investing your valuable time to provide feedback on the current mathematics standards. Your input will provide a valuable lens for the Writing Team members as they carefully analyze and work to improve our mathematics standards.

The survey is divided by grade band so you can either answer the parts that matter to you most or fill out the entire survey pre-K through high school. Questions are designed to allow input on the nature of each standard in regard to whether it is “useful,” “realistic” and “challenging.” The standards are in two parts: the content standards (a list of topics to teach at each grade level) and the process skills (ways of using and applying the mathematics). Standards are shown side-by-side with previous or next-year standards to show how they build upon each other. There is space throughout the survey to make comments and recommendations.

While screenshots are provided when possible, we have also included links to PDF documents for each section embedded in the survey, allowing participants to download the entire document for easier viewing of the complete picture. Please do not rely on the screenshots alone. You can download each document within the survey or below:

– Primary (PK-2) Math Standards

– Intermediate (3-5) Math Standards

– Middle Level (5-8) Math Standards

– High School Algebra 1 and 2 Standards

– High School Geometry Standards

Thank you for your interest in this important work for mathematics education in Oklahoma.

Access the survey here: