Keeping in mind the motivation behind the study was to increase EPA size and control, the findings are significant. Hydraulic fracturing is safe.

Eventually they will release a similar study, just as weasel-worded, that will admit fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes. Affect earthquakes, yes, at least sometimes, but not cause them. The earth moves and builds up stress. Sometimes it shakes to relieve it.

Watts Up With That?

Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark.

Via Politico – A much-anticipated EPA report on hydraulic fracturing hands a victory to the oil and gas industry by concluding that the extraction process has “not led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources,” according to a draft copy of the agency’s release obtained by POLITICO.

The conclusions of EPA’s years-long fracking study may yet change ahead of their release later today, but they appear to bolster natural gas producers that are benefitting from Obama administration power plant rules.

[Note: this link to the draft copy report provided by Politico is broken, will update as soon as they do -Anthony]
UPDATE: link to EPA report below

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