I am disappointed in the Pope.

Not being Catholic, I find no compulsion to worry about what he says personally, but traditionally, Catholics see encyclicals as binding. It is a farce to consider fossil fuel use and resultant CO2 as alarming and catastrophic.

So far, it seems the encyclical is an embarrassment, and it will remain so as climate continues to do anything but what the computer gamers (modelers) say it will.

The model predictions have failed for over 30 years now. When is enough?

Watts Up With That?

A copy of the Pope’s expected “climate encyclical” (in Italian) was leaked to the Italian press today.

climate-pope-coverOur friend Maurizio Morabito (who speaks Italian) translates and advises via email that his impression is that this is going to be seen as a “damp squib”.

He points to this paragraph in particular (translated mostly by Google Translate so there may be inaccuracy):

For poor countries, the priority should be the eradication of poverty and social development of their inhabitants; at the same time the scandalous level of consumption of certain privileged sectors of their population must be considered and better counter corruption. Of course, they must also develop less polluting forms energy production, but for this they have need to rely on help from countries that are grown much at the expense of pollution today the planet. The direct exploitation of abundant solar energy requires that you establish mechanisms and subsidies so…

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