Happened across this old blog while looking up Barry McGuire old stuff. I was hoping to find his opening trio for Lighten Up. Only found recordings of “Don’t Blame God”, which is the middle of the trio. A version of Eve of destruction opens the trio and a powerful musical quoting of 2nd Chronicles finishes the recording. I can’t find the whole thing online. I’ll get around to buying the Lighten Up album from Barry’s store soon.

Anyway, neat resource.

Barry’s song goes along with my concerns about bad times getting worse before good times get going again. Of course, Barry has been saying such since the 60s and 70s. I’m glad it hasn’t been true yet.

The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time


Barry McGuire

In 1965 Barry McGuire, former member of the New Christy Minstrels, released the album “Eve of Destruction.” During that same year the single of the same name went to Number One on Billboard’s Hot 100. But it would be 6 years later that McGuire would claim was the greatest event of his life. After an encounter with traveling evangelist Arthur Blessitt McGuire became a Christian and started a Christian Music career that would span as many genres as it would decades. Rock, folk, pop, country and even children’s music would be used by McGuire to proclaim the Gospel and he would find success in all of those areas.

Most would remember the hit Eve of Destruction while others may remember the corny novelty country/spoken word song, Cosmic Cowboy. Some may even be more familiar with his work with the Agape Ministries children’s project, Bullfrogs and Butterflies…

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