This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation,

Instruct people in the straightforward teachings of Jesus. Discourage them from considering mythological teachings and speculative interpretations of scripture. Discourage fellow believers from being concerned with genealogies. Such devotion builds up wrong thinking, improper considerations of times, and promotes pride in pedigree. Have nothing to do with it, but be a good steward of the faith of God.

Specifically, the overriding goal and objective is to walk in love. Ensure your love flows from your heart, a heart that is pure, with no deceit, a conscience that is clear, never refusing truth, never rejecting facts, and show forth your faith. Confirm your true faith showing it with works that help, build up, and show mercy.

Our brother provides an excellent resource here. Worth your study.

Letters to Creationists


The Protestant consensus since the time of the Reformation has been that the physical universe and its history are real, not illusory. As God’s creation, the physical world conveys genuine information about the Creator and can serve to inform our interpretations of the Bible. Therefore, when geologists (many of them devout Christians) in the early 1800’s found that the rock layers showed the earth to be far older than the 6000 years derived from a literal reading of Genesis, Bible-believing Christians did not ignore, suppress, or lie about these findings. Rather, they adjusted their interpretation of the relevant Bible passages away from a simplistic literal reading, just as they had done 200 years earlier with the verses that depicted a stationary earth. Through about 1960, nearly all Christians, including conservative Old Testament scholars and most fundamentalists, were comfortable with interpretations of Genesis which accommodated an earth that was many…

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