Dr. Michaels adds in comments:
michaelspj July 22, 2015 at 6:51 pm
Lowenthal went bat-shit crazy at the end of the hearing. Trying to find a link to the whole thing for all to see. He also claimed that one year destroyed the pause and induced a significant warming trend, and then he brought in Karl’s paper. I took Tom’s name in vain–seriously–in previous questioning from the Majority.

I was talking about the 2000 Assessment and that I had found that the models they used were worse than random numbers, and that Karl emailed me that indeed they (he was the science head for the report) had found the same. The congressman was a doctor so I pointed out that this would be like prescribing medication he knew did not work or would harm the patient. The other side was not pleased..

Watts Up With That?

Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels writes:

In his introductory remarks, Congressman Lowenthal (D-NY) went on the usual these-witnesses-are-climate-deniers rant.  As I was the next speaker, I re-wrote my oral testimony to point out, in three spots, that people who did not recognize the low-sensitivity papers, or the huge disparity between the midtropospheric observed and modeled data, or the low sensitivity in the multiauthored Otto study (15 of the authors were lead  authors in the last IPCC repor)t, were in fact “science deniers”.

Judging from his reaction at the end of the hearing, it really got to him.

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