Stop a moment. The rule of thumb is bringing up Hitler or Nazis is conceding the debate. However, it is no longer possible to draw a distinction between the early days of the Nazi party and current leftist movement in the USA. Defending the sale of body parts, defending abortion amidst the horrors it has become? Come on. The Germans rightly thought more highly of what was going on in Germany in 1940 than we can of the USA today.

What is that old line about history lessons?


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Thanks to Planned Parenthood, we have finally turned a corner in our political discourse. After more than half a century, politicians and media personalities have learned enough nuance to talk sensibly about Hitler. For decades we’ve heard nothing but stories of Holocausts and invasions of Poland. But is this all that Hitler was? Is that the real story of the man? I think we’re ready to set the record straight.

Hitler was a decorated war veteran and accomplished public speaker. He was a man of vision who led his party to electoral victory in Germany. He used this victory to transform Germany and Europe during the time of crisis known as the Great Depression.

What did Hitler do during the twelve years he led the German people? Twelve years is a long time, and Hitler worked tirelessly to better his country.

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