Note the introductory comments and the graph presented.

There is nothing happening in the weather now that hasn’t happened many times before.

Watts Up With That?

From the THE EARTH INSTITUTE AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and the department of “intense droughts only occur in the age of the SUV” department, where they apparently failed to take the climatic history of the region into account:


Graphic from North American drought: Reconstructions, causes, and consequences,Cook et al. 2007 PDF here: NADrought

Warming climate is deepening California drought 

Scientists say increasing heat drives moisture from ground

A new study says that global warming has measurably worsened the ongoing California drought. While scientists largely agree that natural weather variations have caused a lack of rain, an emerging consensus says that rising temperatures may be making things worse by driving moisture from plants and soil into the air. The new study is the first to estimate how much worse: as much as a quarter. The findings suggest that within a few decades, continually increasing temperatures and resulting moisture losses will push California…

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