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OKLAHOMA CITY- One man is dead after an altercation at a Braums in northwest Oklahoma City.

Pam Pollard, with the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women has confirmed with NewsChannel 4 that the victim was Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello.

Police say, it all began as an argument this morning. The victim and suspect said they would meet at the Braums at Hefner and May, this evening to work things out. The two met at the restaurant this evening where another argument began.

Authorities say, the suspect stabbed the victim multiple times inside Braums. That is when the victim walked outside and the suspect followed. Once outside, the suspect continued stabbing the Labor Commissioner several times.

Police say, a witness was able to ram the suspect with his vehicle and other witnesses were able to hold the suspect down until the police arrived. The suspect has been arrested.

Officials say the suspect was…

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