Did you read this?

Do you understand it?

It is worth working through and understanding. Pay attention to how long we have actually been measuring. Note how much we assume and how much we simply make up (as in, make-believe) with regard to the data before our current methods of measuring.

Note how unrealistic and nonphysical some of the graphs look (keeping in mind the graphs are from the supposed-experts, not Bob).

Watts Up With That?

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Guest Post by Bob Tisdale


I recently presented the modeled energy imbalance at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) in the post No Consensus: Earth’s Top of Atmosphere Energy Imbalance in CMIP5-Archived (IPCC AR5) Climate Models.  As you’ll recall, there was a very wide spread in the individual model simulations of the TOA energy imbalance.  (See Figure 13 from that post.)  I’ve shortened the timeframe to 1955-2014 in Figure 1, which is the period for which ocean heat content data are available from the NODC.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Ponder that graph for a moment. The average TOA energy imbalance (red curve) in recent years is in the expected range…the range we’ve been told by the climate science community. Example:  According to Trenberth…

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