If you worry about global warming, climate change, or increasing carbon dioxide levels in general, what is it you worry about?

Is it sea level rise?

Please read this. Please pay special attention to the period starting about 14,000 years ago. The ice sheets from the last ice age melted during that period (of over 10,000 years) of warming, and the rate of sea level rise was under a half-inch per year the entire time.

There isn’t that much ice now. There is no general temperature increase right now. Ice simply cannot melt like that now.

From an engineering standpoint, it is impossible for sea level to rise by three feet in the next 85 years. So, please don’t believe the hype.

Sea level has been rising at about the same rate since the dawn of civilization. If humans have caused it, there is no turning back, since we are talking all of history. The fact is, humans are not responsible for the rise of the sea. It does it all on its own.

Humans are responsible for taking care of each other, and the proven way to do that is with power and fuel, fossil fuel and nuclear fission. Fighting these is tantamount to fighting your brethren and condemning them to suffering, slavery, and death.

Watts Up With That?

Guest post by David Middleton

From Five Thirty Eight Science…

If you follow the headlines, your confidence in science may have taken a hit lately.

Peer review? More like self-review. An investigation in November uncovered a scam in which researchers were rubber-stamping their own work, circumventing peer review at five high-profile publishers.

Scientific journals? Not exactly a badge of legitimacy, given that the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology recently accepted for publication a paper titled “Get Me Off Your (Fracking) Mailing List,” whose text was nothing more than those seven words, repeated over and over for 10 pages. Two other journals allowed an engineer posing as Maggie Simpson and Edna Krabappel to publish a…

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