Hear, hear!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Ari Halperin

As WUWT readers have probably noticed, using Google or other general search engines to find reliable information on anything related to climate change has become almost impossible. The search results are dominated by alarmist sites and blogs, while dissenting voices are simply drowned out.

The main reason for this imbalance is simple: a huge amount of money is pumped into alarmist research and propaganda by the US and other Western governments. Tens of billions of dollars in research grants, state mandates and loan guarantees to “clean energy” companies, substantial percentage of universities’ budgets, direct government grants to environmental NGOs, and tax deductions for “charitable” donations feed this frenzy. Certain pension funds also explore “noble ways to lose money“ (of their members, not their directors) to benefit the cause. The NASA website became a purveyor of the alarmist stories. Large corporations, including maligned “fossil…

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