If you worry about sea level rise, please take a few minutes to read the insights of a genius farmboy who has spent much time at sea.

Read and understand this very understandable article. Review what he said, and check his calculations.

The fact of the matter is that sea level rise rate has been about the same for all of the history of human civilization and our interactions with the sea. It is not accelerating. In fact, is seems to be decelerating, which just might mean we are headed into the next glaciation phase. Maybe not, but maybe. It will take centuries, hopefully, if we are sliding into that next glaciation. While it will take many thousands of years before Manhattan is under a mile of ice again, it could be only a few decades before global crop failures resemble the worst of the little ice age, and it would be downhill from there.

Please understand, cold kills. Warmer is better.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I had to go to town yesterday, and so I was glad it was Friday, because it’s Science Friday on the local Public Broadcasting System station and I can listen on my truck radio. In general I enjoy Science Friday, because the host, Ira Flatow, has interesting people on the show and he usually asks interesting questions … except when it’s about climate change. In that case his scientific training goes out the window, and he merely parrots the alarmist line.

In any case I was listening to Science Friday yesterday, and Ira referred to some recent pictures of flooding in Miami, Florida, as evidence that climate change is real and is already affecting Florida. It was the radio so no pictures, but he was referring to photos like this that have been in the news …

miami floodingHe was talking with a young woman, a Chicana…

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