I saw this on Facebook and was flabbergasted. I started to scroll past, but too dumb. Had to says so.

I started to move on, but couldn’t. This is simply mean and exploitive. Fortunately, most of those exploited can afford it. Dumb green westerners might learn from having their money taken from them.

However, there are kids that need reliable power and inexpensive fuel in their communities, and feel-good nonsense is what they get.

Here is what I posted on Facebook:

I’m reluctant to share this. I honestly cannot believe it. It is what green-addled minds think “makes a difference.” As soccer balls, they cost $100. Ouch. As flashlights, I think a single buck a the dollar store will get you as much portable light.

How long might the battery last? Three years max. How long will the soccer ball itself last, maybe a year?

The 50,000 claimed as sold would be $5,000,000 ($100 x 50,000). Somebody got rich, and some poor families got rooked.

Hand-crank generators capable of charging electronics can be had for $9. Of course, those don’t last long either, but at least it is a real solution for a real need, unlike an expensive soccer ball marketed as “renewable energy”.

A sucker really is born every minute, and thank God for all the rich fools so willing to part with their money.

Still, there are people who need power, and it is not only harmful, but insulting to placate them with such drivel.


Relevant Magazine should be ashamed.