Obviously biased, but can’t get around the basic points. Industrial windmills are bird and bat choppers.

The saddest part is how worthless windmills are regardless. Windmills will never provide meaningful power to the overall grid.


Red kite killed at Navarre Wind farm Red kite ‘takes one for the Planet’ at Navarre Wind farm.


In a few years to come, when the generation responsible for the current energy mess reaches its belated age of reason, and has to explain the Genesis and Armageddon of the great wind power fraud, one of the tougher questions for gramps and granny will be why did we build an utterly meaningless power generation source that’s ONLY genuine and consistent output was billions of dead birds and bats; sliced, diced and otherwise slaughtered by fleets of these things, all over the World?

Let there be no doubt, wind farms are avian slaughterhouses:

Bird Carcass Count proves AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm is an Avian Slaughterhouse

In order to aid those attempting to explain just why birds and bats are being butchered in their millions, it pays to start with how.

To that end, you’ll need to wade…

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