Speak up, or they will silence us all.

Watts Up With That?

french-tv-weathermanYesterday we informed you about how France’s lead television weatherman was forced to take a “holiday” in response to him publishing a book that is critical towards climate change alarmism. So far, all the TV network has done is unleash the Striesand Effect, heaping negative attention upon their decision, which is being seen as prohibiting free speech.
In a video, shown below, he explains his ideas and book:

I’ve heard from people in France, and they are mobilizing a petition:

Henri Masson writes:
Please dispatch and support as much as possible this “call for support (petition)” to the chief climatologist of the French TV, Philippe Verdier.
Philippe just published a “climato-realist” book (which is “booming” on Amazon)  on the dysfunctions of IPCC and has been fired from his position. The French Government (president Hollande and his ministers…

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