Thanks Pointman, you have a gift.

So stark, so simple, so subdued, yet immensely detailed.


It’s a funeral and it’s a hard day.

We’re all blacked up and milling around. I spot him and see him, and know enough to get there quick. He’s basic, mad and sad and I can see him smouldering, towering in his frustrated rage. I want to keep him safe. Unusually for him, he’s already well tanked up, hot to trot and ready to rock. He was always the quiet one among all us hooligans but I can see what he wants now is some war.

He needs that simple release of violence. Just to hit someone. At the best of times, he could easily be a dangerous man, but tanked up, I’m not so sure what he’ll do. He’s a real warrior and there’s no fucking around with a man like that who’s in grief. He’s the real deal and he goes all the way. Ask the question of him, he’ll back you over the cliff…

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