…”a bird in hand is worth 100s of unproven ideas.”

Watts Up With That?

A runaway JLENS aerostat highlights the uncertainty and risks of pie-in-the-sky green energy schemes.

JENS blimp (US Army photo) JLENS blimp (US Army photo)

Guest essay by Tom Scott

One reason that a fragile naked human species has adapted to conditions in every corner of every continent is its ingenuity. Its is simply impossible to know the limits of homo sapiens. That said, one tactic of the green blob, used to rationalized the destruction of existing energy infrastructure, has been to throw out the possibility of one “free energy” scheme after another while ignoring or actively hiding the unknowns, risks, costs, and public dangers associated with each new proposal.

But first a quick review for those who did not see the news reports. On October 28th a 240 foot long (80 meter) aerostat, or tethered blimp, broke loose from its mooring and drug 6,700 foot of cable for some distance, apparently knocking out power for…

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