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Watts Up With That?

250,000,866Guest essay by Ric Werme

As we close into the 250 millionth page view at WUWT (likely to happen in a few hours done), I’ve been thinking both back to the early days and and wondering what today would be like if WUWT never existed.

Before the impending catastrophe of global warming was introduced to the world, I recall two things that got my attention.  The first was the initial release of the Keeling curve.  That pretty much silenced the impending Ice Age crowd, which I had mostly given up on anyway.  After Keeling, I started pointing out that nuclear power plants didn’t release CO2.  A decade or two later, I heard what was probably a short news note on the Hockey Stick, and figured that CO2 must actually be doing us in.  I started souring on that when I realized later it also got rid of the Little…

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