Thanks Michael. I appreciate the review.

I’m not much for open, but my practical aspects are probably not much different.

Regarding strong Calvinism, I find it indistinguishable, in the practical application, from basic atheism. Both eliminate responsibility from the individual. Free will is absolute and real, but the devil’s in the details.

I’m putting the book on my to-read list, but that doesn’t mean I’ll actually manage to actually read it.

I like the questions, living questions. I also see pain and suffering as just a part of life, just a part of God’s good creation. Sure, I cannot call death at 29 good, but of a truth, we all die young. Coercion is evil. Pain is not. Causing suffering through cruelty or fraud is evil; suffering is not.

People ask why bad things happen to good people, but I just cannot see it. I don’t see bad things happening to people. I see life.

Sure, people do bad things. That is evil, but if our wills are free, that doesn’t present a theological problem. It shows the heart problem that our Lord provided the means for fixing.

Overall, I think we Christians really haven’t figured out what God is up to. When I consider billions of years, and consider space larger than could be explored in all the time remaining before the universe has met its final end, even assuming trillions of years before then, I come up with only questions. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard…

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin

What type of God do you believe in? A cosmic policeman? A supernatural dictator who controls our every move, i.e. a divine control freak? Someone/thing to be wheeled out for emergencies or life events?

Or some will simply say “There is no God”. However I will not go down that route as I do beleive in God and more specifically the Christian God as Trinity. This book does not take a simplistic view of god as do some atheists or the naive evangelical who likes to keep god in a box.

Oord - Uncontrolling Love of God

Published by IVP in USA but available in UK

Paperback: 229 pages Publisher: IVP Academic (6 Dec. 2015) Language: English

ISBN-10: 0830840842 ISBN-13: 978-083084084

Ther title itself is almost provocative implying that God is not always in control! So often popular views of God claim just that  – God is in absolute control!!!!!!! It comes out in expositions of…

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