Nothing good can be said about what SMU is doing here. It is horrendous.

Watts Up With That?


Yesterday, I happened upon the press release below posted at Eurekalert, bemoaning the lack of 100% certainty about climate change in California textbooks. While that was amusing enough, what really caught my eye was the subtitle:

Textbooks from different major publishers give climate deniers equal weight as vast majority of climate scientists who cite scientific evidence of human-caused global warming

This wasn’t a fluke, as the “d-word” also appears in the body of the press release:

“We found that climate change is presented as a controversial debate stemming from differing opinions,” said Román, an assistant professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning in the SMU Simmons School. “Climate skeptics and climate deniers are given equal time and treated with equal weight as scientists and scientific facts — even though scientists who refute global warming total a miniscule number.”

This labeling of people as “deniers” seemed to me to…

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