To oppose facts and scientific discovery with presumptions about scripture is simply foolish.

Musings on Science and Theology

gal_earth_moon ds3The next chapter of Kyle Greenwood’s new book Scripture and Cosmology: Reading the Bible Between the Ancient World and Modern Science looks at Christian responses to the Copernican revolution. Most of us today see no theological problem with the idea that the earth both orbits the sun and spins on its axis. Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and finally Newton put together a convincing argument, beginning with observation and mathematics and ultimately the theory of gravity and mechanics whereby the less massive objects orbit the more massive objects (more accurately a system of objects revolves around its center of mass).

As time has passed our human view of cosmology has become more sophisticated, moving from (2) an empirical understanding of flat earth with a roof overhead to (2) a spherical earth with heavens revolving around, to (3) a heliocentric model with the earth, planets and stars orbiting the sun, and now (4)…

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