Bjorn Lomborg is a believer in global warming, he just thinks it is a very low-priority problem. Fighting global warming harms people in the real world.

Me? I say cold kills. Warmer is better.

Watts Up With That?

Current climate policy promises will do little to stabilize the climate and their impact will be undetectable for many decades. Paris COP21 commitments [by the EU] will reduce temperatures by just 0.05°C in 2100

Bjorn Lomborg wrote to tell me yesterday about a new paper he has published in the Global Policy journal, titled: Impact of Current Climate Proposals. It shows the futility of the COP21 meeting which is essentially going to be “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.


This article investigates the temperature reduction impact of major climate policy proposals implemented by 2030, using the standard MAGICC climate model. Even optimistically assuming that promised emission cuts are maintained throughout the century, the impacts are generally small. The impact of the US Clean Power Plan (USCPP) is a reduction in temperature rise by 0.013°C by 2100. The full US promise for the COP21 climate conference in Paris, its so-called…

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