Pretending to measure surface temperature at better than about ±1.5°C is simply laughable.

Watts Up With That?

I had to share this “laugh out loud” moment from Bishop Hill and the photo of this weather station. Andrew Montford writes:

Settled science

Much amusement is to be had from a posting at a blog called Sudden Oak Life. The author has recorded images of the Radcliffe surface temperature station in Oxford, part of the Central England Temperature Record and one of the longest temperature records there is.

It’s fair to say the quality of the record has declined since the 18th century.


That red thing with the hose and the exhaust stack is a space heater for the tent. Note the Stevenson Screen to the right and the automated weather station to the left. Note also that the station is boxed in pretty well with trees and infrastructure, and now we have this heated tent.

Located at the college is Radcliffe Observatory, home of the Radcliffe meteorological station…

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